© 1millionhistorytshirt.com is an integrative idea that was born overnight by two intelligent minds! The idea is based on the need of uniqueness for each member.

Would YOU like to be a part of this Worldwide idea? What about seeing another member near you in your country or even in your own city wearing the © 1millionhistorytshirt?


Sounds funny doesn’t?

We are not stopping at that! All unique members will have opportunities based to their region, country … and EVEN Worldwide! But let’s not hurry, we must first build our club … our unique history.


So, how … and what?

Unique numbers will be printed from 1 to 1 million (only) on a t-shirt with your country flag and a QRcode, that will provide the authentication of the t-shirt’s number that you wear.

On the website’s home page you will find photos of all members wearing their unique t-shirts!



We have a vision … and will share it with you …


  1. Take it now
  2. Send your photo wearing your ‘unique’ T-shirt and be a part of this history!

Became the one of 1 million member!