We respect every sensitive information and we will NEVER give or share any of those information to no one.

Basic idea is to post at the home page of website, every person or couple wearing or holding his/her unique T-shirt. It’s owner decision to upload photo with his face or not. If you believe that you made a mistake by sending a photo with your face, you can contact us and we will replace it with another photo that you send us as soon as possible.


We keep your email in case we need to contact you in the future and not to give or share to no one.
We also need your email to approve the authenticity of your unique T-shirt number in a later time.



Every uploaded photo belongs to the owner and not allowed to copy and use by others and third party software.We use watermark in every photo just to protect and avoid illegal photo sharing. Photo owner, have the right to contact straight the website he saw his photo with 1Mht watermark and demand to remove the photo from their website.

© 1millionhistorytshirt.com have the right to share your photo with 1Mht watermark on social networks that own account like Instagram,Facebook and other.

Photo owner can contact us anytime in order to remove his photo from © 1millionhistorytshirt.com or our social network accounts by sending us his demand with the email and T-shirt Unique Number.


Kids Photos

Kids also can wear their own unique T-shirt and send us their photo wearing the 1Mht unique T-shirt. Photos with kids under 13~15 years old will not post with faces unless its a family photo and parent send us email to allow kids faces clear as it is.


© 1millionhistorytshirt.com is a strong idea which will remain humble to its members!